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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Honestly, while I find "Generation #" to be boring, it's also very functional. :/ I've never been a fan of vague/crazy names in thread titles and I feel the same way with forum names. It may be more interesting to look at but it's not instantly recognizable what the forum is for, either.
See, that's why I also feel that it's a double-edged sword at the same time. Crazy names for forums might look good on paper, but how well does it actually function? I mean, I've heard both sides of the spectrum back when Fifth Generation was "Adventures in Unova!", and I'm pretty much indifferent. I feel that it adds some sort of extra touch to the forum, and it makes it sound a lot more fun than just "Fifth Generation Games". Maybe it's just kind of a psychological way to look at it? :( When things sound more fun, they become a lot more fun, even if there's no actual change within the forum content itself, if that makes sense.

I've also heard the opposite side say that the name was just extremely cheesy, but I guess that's pretty much up to personal taste. I do think that seeing those names on a whole, while it would be interesting, would be really awkward for those of us who have been here for a while, maybe not for the new users.
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