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    Rescue Group Adventure!

    The Abra glanced back at the three and rolled his eyes. "Be quiet planty! We'll be barbequed otherwise. And I do too know where I am going!" He stated to Paladin, making sure to puff out his chest as he laid down his statement. The small tunnel wasn't that long and it expanded out and ended at a crossroads. Three other tunnels led out into the darkness and the Abra stood there, pondering. "Hm... I think... it's this way!" He said as he quickly rushed off to the left tunnel, though he returned quickly. "Nah, not that way. It's this way!" He giggled as he headed off in the opposite direction.

    La Revolution!

    The Toxicroak's fist slammed against the Protect and forced him back a bit and the Double Hit took him by surprise. The air rushed out of his lungs from the stunning force and he was flung back in the air. Before he hit the ground he flipped his body to land on his feet. He quickly turned to face the Ambipom and looked right into his eyes, his own eyes beginning to glow a bright red. The Swagger move would at least cause some confusion among their ranks and for the moment the Toxicroak prepared to defend himself. Yeah it was a risk powering up the Ambipom, but for this battle it didn't matter. If anything it would be better to power him up and see what he would do in his confused state.

    The Sableye on top of the rooftop once more shot down another Shadow Ball at the group to kick up some more dust. He already noted the Jolteon's weakness and that was good on their end. The Ariados aimed for the Sableye and shot out a String Shot to slow him down for the moment.