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The other Sableye wasn't letting up... he must have noticed how the dust was affecting Levina. Well no choice but to go after the sneaky little bastard. Snype used Detect to see what else was lurking around and quickly noticed a string shot about to hit him. He carefully avoided the attack and caught sight of the Ariados. Snype would need to be careful for any potential spider webs laying around.

"Levina, get out of the dust. I'm going after that Sableye. Get that Ariados!" Snype said. He quickly started to climb to the roof top, taking advantage of the various structures in the church. As long as he kept bugging Levina, they would do a bit better against the group.

"I'd call you out for playing dirty if that wasn't kind of our thing! Kehehe..." Snype said to the other Sableye as he climbed up toward the roof.

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