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    Levina ~ Outside Church

    Levina continued to sneeze as the Sableye kicked up even more dust. "Levina, get out of the dust. I'm going after that Sableye. Get that Ariados!" Snype said. She took his advice and took the risk of darted between D-I and the Toxicroak towards the front door. As soon as she was outside she felt something sticky encase her body as she squirmed to get free. “Damn it!” Levina growled as she realized she was caught in the Ariados’s web. Levina’s nose quickly cleared, thanks to the fresh air, and she was able to act normally again. She quickly looked around to see if the Ariados was in range but saw nothing at the moment. It still must have been with the Sableye. Levina charged her body with electricity as she prepared to fry the sticky threads that bound her. Once she built up a high enough charge, she released it and burnt the threads to a crisp as they fell to the ground beside her. “Where are you at you stupid bug!!??” Levina called out to the Ariados.