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I can see them pulling out the old bike maneuver again.

If I had any ideas on how they could do it differently, however, then I wouldn't mind Ash meeting his new companion before arriving to the new region. For example, his new companion would be heading back to his/her homeland to receive their starter and begin their journey after a recent vacation with his or her family in Kanto. Before the trip back home, an event takes place that allows Ash and this new companion to meet. They don't however talk about where the new kid is from.

Later, on the boat or plane to the new region, Ash spots his soon-to-become traveling companion once again. From here, Ash learns that he or she is about to start off on their own journey while Ash explains he's about to begin a new one soon.

From there, you see the two of them looking toward a nearby region of land. Cue "Next Time... A New Beginning!" at the bottom of the screen. Roll ending credits!
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