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Trained Oddish at Digglets cave until it learned Acid and then it evolved into Gloom
Beat Gary at S.S. Anne
Beat Lt.Surge and got myself another badge.
Went through Rock Tunnel where Charmeleon evolved into Charizard.
Skip everything in Lavender town and went to Celedon City.
Bought a Leaf stone and evolved Gloom to Vileplume
Beat Team Rocket out from the underground base.
Beat Erika with Charizard and got me another badge.
Went back to Lavender town where I beat Gary again.
Beat Team Rocket out of Lavender Tower and got the Pokeflute
Went south of Lavender Town and got myself the Super Rod.
Went fishing for a Krabby and caught one. Name him Pinchy.
Train Krabby at Saffron City where I beat Team Rocket.
Krabby evolved while fighting in the Dojo Gym.
Fought Sabrina and won.
Went through cycling road and toward Fuchisa City.
Went through the Safari Zone where I found Hm Surf and the Golden Teeth.
Gave the Golden Teeth to the old man and got Hm Strength
Fought Koga and beat him. (Spammed Earthquake+Sword Dance, using Charizard)
Heading my way toward Cinnabar Island.
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