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    With partisanship so bloody high in the U.S. government these days it's a wonder they can even agree on what planet they're on!

    The right attacks the left, the left attacks the right, etc. etc. etc. and nothing gets done. People think prejudice against race or sexual orientation is a problem, but an even bigger problem that I'm seeing right now is political prejudice. What people fail to realize is that there is no such thing as a pure conservative or a pure liberal. We are all of us both conservative and liberal in our thoughts and beliefs.

    The Republicans and the Democrats would be wise to acknowledge that fact. Instead, they both seem hell-bent on entrenching themselves in tired partisan positions that in the end do nothing except to excite their base and stroke their egos (how they can wrap their hands around egos that large is beyond me!). Gitmo will remain so long as the big-heads in Washington continue this senseless tug of war.

    God, looking at how congress acts these days, even 5 year old kids would be embarrassed by their behaviour!
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