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    Now that I think about it, the last game I finished was back in Februrary. Beat the Title Defense Mode in Punch Out.

    Before that it was Rhythm Heaven in January. Gotta finish all the games I'm playing soon, and start some that have been waiting to be played for a while.
    Originally Posted by Lightning View Post

    Rhythm Heaven Fever - Not nearly as good as the DS version. I suffered from HDTV lag and the games just weren't as fun or rewarding. :/ I wouldn't really recommend it.
    Dead to me. The DS game is harder but Fever went back to the Tengoku's roots which is waaaay better and how it should be.

    I honestly think Fever and Tengoku are harder too if you go for all perfects. The DS game is only hard first time around because each game got varied type of controls and gimmicks, so they catch you off guard, but once you get that keeping up with the rhythm is easy. Fever and Tengoku are actually challenging because the rhythm itself is challenging, not the controls. Once I get a medal in a game in the DS game, I know I can easily get a perfect on it, but the same doesn't apply for Fever and Tengoku. Nothing in the DS game is gonna be harder than getting a perfect on Monkey Watch or Remix 8 in Fever, nothing.

    Eh getting off-topic there. I still love the DS game, but it's not even the best DS rhythm game, and not really what Rhythm Heaven represents.
    Also off-topic but reading my own post made me realize something. Rhythm Heaven DS is to Rhythm Heaven what Super Punch Out is to Punch Out since they both sacrificed what made the original game its own game for other stuff. Rhythm Tengoku is NES Punch Out, and Fever is like Punch Out Wii in that went back to the original roots but further expanded on it and perfected it.

    Of course that's ignoring the arcade Punch Out games, which were totally different.

    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    I just finished Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward and...
    ...Dear God. Know that there is no exaggeration in my words when I say that everybody, and I mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON needs to play that masterpiece of a game. There is no game out there that can match VLR in terms of storytelling...just....

    The game's left me speechless. It's an incredible game, and if I were to give it a rating, it'd be a 9.75 out of 10. Buy it, just buy it.
    How comparable is it to 999? If you played that game, that is. Been interesting to pick this up since I liked 999, but I can't imagine a sequel being nearly as good, let alone surpass it.

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