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    Astrid watched as Paladin went forward past the reluctant Allora. The Ninetales followed closely behind the Golurk and motioned for Astrid to follow. Both the women were on the Golurk's heels insuring his guidance and safety. Then, Allora asked for Astrid's name. The Lilligant never realized that she hadn't said her name the entire day they've been together. "My apologies, I've been rude," Astrid scolded herself a little before continuing, "my name is Astrid, Astrid Helixpetal. Nice to meet you," the Lilligant giggled a little at her mediocre joke.

    Astrid watched as Allora whispered something to Paladin before succumbing to a giggle. "Allora, how'd you join Gold Tribe? I've always wondered how others got into the tribe, though I've never received a full answer," Astrid asked the Ninetales as the walked the tunnels, again.