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    I've gotten addicted to growing berries in Sapphire again, so I was using the pick up ability in LeafGreen to find the rare berries when I stumbled upon this!

    I caught it at full health on my first Pokeball too! Jolly nature makes me happy for Pidgey. Called it Hawkeye despite it being a female. XD I guess now I'll hunt for rare berries in Viridian Forest and hopefully find a shiny there too. : ) This is my first shiny since my data corrupted in Sapphire and I lost my shiny Blaziken and Machamp.

    EDIT: I infected it with my legit third gen Pokerus I got on Sapphire, and EV trained it. Rather than have it be a straight up sweeper, I balanced him out a bit.
    252 EVs in Speed
    80 EVs in Defense
    80 EVs in Special Defense
    and 92 EVs in Attack

    I've always been nostalgic for Pidgeot, so this is probably the happiest I've ever been about finding a shiny. The fantasy of flying on the back of a sparkling Pidgeot has always been an appealing one, so this is about as close as I'll ever get to that.
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