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If Punk is leaving (which I have not heard about, by the way) it's definitely late next year, if not even later. And I disagree, Punk does have quite a lot to gain from beating the streak. Punk's only had one true career defining moment so far that'll go down in history, and that's his 400+ title reign as champion. But he still lost the title in the end (that'll end up on Cena). For comparison's sake, Cena's a 10 time world champion, a record. And he'll definitely become an 11 time champion, extending his own record. For Punk to snap the streak will embroider his career with gold, catapulting him into the caliber of legends, assuming he isn't one already. Think about it, 20 times the deadman's been undefeated. That person who breaks that streak will go down in history, permanently. There's no better person to receive something like that other than the man who's been on a roll for over a year, but lost his title belt that he extended to a record length in the modern era except Punk.

As for why Randy didn't snap the streak, that's simple, and you said it yourself. He was entering his prime. Punk is well passed his prime, but I don't believe he's been solidified yet. He's proven it, though, that he deserves to. Randy was still testing waters. Not to call him a lose canon, but you don't know where he would go in a few years. Also, if I remember right, he definitely wasn't as popular back then as Punk is now.

In the end, though, the man this all comes down to is The Undertaker himself. I believe McMahon will let Taker choose how he wants to go out. For the record, 20-1 sounds a lot better than 21-0. Just saying.

Also, I guess we could totally turn this into general wrestling thread. I remember there was one back in 2010, and it was quite popular, and much more active compared to the club that was mine.
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