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    Originally Posted by Yamiidenryuu View Post
    ... Yeah, things in the manga rarely have any bearing on the games. And having the protagonist's age match the player's seems like a good idea, but it would get awkward pretty quickly for older players. How's a kid who looks no more than 15 supposed to be 20 or 30?
    Well, yeah, that's true, but, maybe in that case, there can be customizable options for that? Hm.

    Honestly I doubt that time is going to have a large effect on the games. That was already tackled with DPP and the games don't usually recycle a theme like that over again. However I love the interpretation of X/Y being the coordinate plane instead of genetics, but I don't see how much else outside of time and space that Nintendo/Game Freak could do without repeating the 4th Generation.
    Well, when I thought about how X and Y might have something to do with time, at first I thought that the storyline could be a continuation of Gen 4's story line. But then again, there's a better chance that Game Freak want's to keep things fresh. So yes, I do agree that maybe time won't have a strong impact on the games, but, at least maybe just small stuff like timed events or something.

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