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    C.J Styles - Volcano (Deep Cave)


    "I have no problem backing you up, and keeping them at bay while you catch the leader, but I cannot let you or anyone torture helpless pokemon." Issac exerted. C.J. sighed slightly at the comment. “It wasn’t hurting them merely slowing them down, much the same as it would in a battle. But if you, prefer I’ll play fair.” his tone seemed apologetic but firm at the same time.

    Ace are you ready?” C.J. asked the Deino that simply nodded in a response. “Let’s go then. Façade!” White electricity sparkles around Ace’s becomes covered in an orange aura for a moment. It then body and it becomes surrounded in an orange aura that makes his body shine. He then charges in at the Druddigon leader while it was still recovering from the cold.

    Before the Druddigon had a chance to react he was slammed into by Ace. Druddigon, still trying to warm up, had no time to react before C.J. was calling for another attack. “Round!” Ace opens his mouth and releases a high-pitched note, causing red circles to come out. Druddigon roars in pain from the sound. As the circles fly towards the opponent, they grow bigger until the sound fades shortly after. Druddigon finally got some heat back at this point, damaged from the attacks but not nearly damaged enough. It opened its mouth wide slamming it shut on Ace with a powerful Bite shaking its head ferociously before releasing his grip and letting Ace fly through the air hitting the ground hard.

    Druddigon began sharpening his claws on a nearby rock, on could only assume it was using Hone Claws and was going to follow up with a physical attack. “Ace, he’s preparing for a close combat attack. Use Focus Energy and get yourself ready for a Dragon Pulse.” C.J. commanded telepathically. Ace’s body becomes outlined in a red aura and he waited for C.J.’s command. Druddigon charged at Ace swinging it’s arms wildly going to scratch Ace. Right when the Druddigon was about to hit Ace C.J. yelled out, “NOW!” at which Ace open’s his mouth and a turquoise energy ball appears in front of it. He then fires the ball just as the Druddigon reached him blasting the Druddigon backwards.

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