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Paladin couldn't help overhearing. Allora and Astrid, it seemed, were having a conversation behind Paladin. Paladin listened in on Allora's story, realizing that she, too, had dealt with her fair share of tragedy. His attention was momentarily turned to the confused Abra before him, who began going one way, then decided to go another. "Make up your mind," Paladin said absentmindedly, before returning to eavesdropping. “Now that I have found the Gold Tribe………………..I intend to find my parents.” Allora said, and after that, there was a deep silence. The only significant sound was that of Paladin's footsteps, being the heaviest member of the party. He looked back, not wanting to fill the silence with his words, and simply glanced at Allora and Astrid, then at Gallant and Speculum at the back of the group.

The Abra turned once again, and Paladin shifted his attention in front of him to coordinate his movements. The Abra made a sharp turn into a tunnel on the right, then another quick turn to a tunnel on the left. Paladin really hoped this little psychic knew where he was going. Deciding that the silence had been quite long enough, he slowed his pace so that he walked next to Astrid and Allora. "I'm sorry, Allora," he said, "whatever happens after this, I'll help you find your parents." He then turned to Astrid Helixpetal. "I believe we have not been formerly introduced. My name is..." he began, but stopped for a second or two right there. "...Saul Sypher. Please, call me Paladin." He realized that for a moment, he'd had trouble saying his own name. Why was that?

Suddenly, a small, sharp pain struck the back of his head, like a needle being stuck into his mind. The pain was not great enough for him to make a fuss over, but he couldn't help but grunt a little from the surprise of it. He kept walking as he tried to blot out the pain, focusing on the memory that came with it.

You are not a part of this family! You are an oaf! Clumsy, stupid, oaf!
Forget it! Your name is no longer Saul Sypher! You are not my child!

She said it without remorse, and Paladin knew that she was serious this time. A childhood memory of when he had been disowned as a Golett came back to him, hitting his emotions hard. This was why he hardly used his name. Because he hated it. The very mention of it would bring back these old, forgotten memories. The pain stopped, and so did the recollection. Paladin noticed the drums beating slower and slower. "Dum...dum...dum...dum..." They usually did this when he was upset. Most of his anger and tension drained away as he let himself be overcome by sadness. His logical mind told him that it was better to be sad than angry, because angry was dangerous.