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Takumi Makkusu - Academy Grounds

I was walking on the academy grounds, into the plain fields. It shouldn't be long now 'til I'm back home-

"Gah!" Somebody's grabbing me from behind! They found me! I'm dead!

Oh, Nami... It's only Nami... But...


Oh god. How could I not have seen this? Nami, too, freaks me out. Now though, she freaks out in a...good way. I may be a little terrified of all Youkai, Nami included, but she's nicer than anyone else. She doesn't want to harm me, I can see that now. I don't know what to say right now...

"I-I'm..." I try to hold back more tears. I couldn't. "If I stay, Fairytale will kill me. But...I don't think I can leave you. I admit, I don't socialize well with people, especially girls. Though, you have been kinder to me than anyone else, including one of my siblings." i set the suitcase down & turned to Nami. "Since you're stronger than me, you'll protect me, right?" Uh...

"I have my own moves too..." For some reason, I smiled. Was I really doing this? I'm risking my life, just for Nami. All in won't be so bad. Nami is my first best friend. I hope this is all worth it.

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