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    Here is what the main world map looks like:

    I will be using 2 of FireRed's 4 world maps. The first world map is the picture I posted above, while the other world map will contain mostly post game areas, except one of the islands on this map is Birth Island, which you will visit briefly after defeating Sabrina.

    I was reluctant to reveal this, but since it's a long ways away, I might as well put this right here:
    In this game, Deoxys is treated as a counterpart to Mewtwo. Both Mewtwo and Deoxys are heavily involved in the plot. Birth Island will look like how it does in Pokemon Emerald. While Mewtwo has a higher BST, Deoxys can still be viewed as a counterpart through its alternate formes.

    Deoxys is #208 in the Kanto Pokedex, while Mewtwo is #209.

    Faraway Island from Pokemon Emerald is also going to be in Pokemon DarkViolet.

    Originally Posted by hackstar View Post
    Hey!!!! whats wrong with the link!!!! i CANT DOWNLOAD....
    Can you read? I clearly wrote that I took it down. Except that the website that I used to host it took it down or something, all I did was remove a useless link.

    Unfortunately, I don't have an ips of Alpha 1 lying around my computer anymore, which means I'm unable to re-upload it. However, I'll "recreate" Alpha 1 with the progress I've made since, just with new areas like Pewter City blocked off.