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    Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
    Here's my answer:
    If you know the offset and palette, open it in NSE 2.1. And then edit that or you can import your new image using the Import function. Then hit Save. Fix Pointers and your good. About the raw, do you know its unlz-GBA number? If so, Hit raw dump once you locate it. Usually it's just in the next offset of the image. So after saving the raw file, open your edited or your own image with NTME or Professional Tilemap Creator then load tilemap from .raw which is the one you saved earlier and from there edit the order of things. I hope I helped you.
    Sure, I did the first in the NSE, the raw arm in the sphere editor, but I turned out, proves to UNLZ-Gba
    thank you! ^ ^