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    To date, all my consoles are Nintendo ones. A part of me wishes I could have a PS2, but since my boyfriend has one (he recently let me start playing Final Fantasy VII on it), I'm not too concerned. My current console list is as follows (in order of obtaining):

    SNES - Got it for Christmas when I was 7; before then, I played with the one in daycare frequently. I also got six games for it that day, including Super Mario World, Sim City, and A Link to the Past (when I had only specifically asked for the former).
    Game Boy Color - A purple one. I remember first playing Pokemon Yellow on it. And I never went on car trips without it.
    Nintendo 64 - For the longest time, the only two games I had for it were Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium 2. Only recently have I gotten Kirby 64 and Banjo-Kazooie for it as well.
    Game Boy Advance - I got an attachable light for it that folded over the screen. The guy I bought it from also threw in a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game for free, but I never played it much.
    Game Cube - I frequently used this to play by GBA games (I got the Gameboy Player), since my GBA's screen was so dim. I also got this Zelda promo disc with it that included four classic games, including Ocarina of Time which I'm playing now.
    Game Boy Advance SP - I got a red one where I could turn the backlight on and off. Unfortunately, someone stole it from me...
    DS - The original one; I got it in early 2006. The hinge recently broke and the bottom screen looks a little worn, but it still seems to work otherwise (I'll still use it if I need to trade between Pokemon games). I also got Animal crossing: Wild World included with the DS, but I didn't play it until a year later.
    Game Boy Advance SP - I got it to replace my stolen one. It doesn't have the option where I can switch the backlight on and off, but it has a brighter backlight than the old one, and is pink instead of red. Although my DS and Gamecube could play GBA games as well, I prefer to use this GBA because it has a brighter screen than my DS does, and is portable unlike the Gamecube.
    Wii - Originally it was my father's, but he rarely used it, and eventually stored it in the attic. I later asked him if I could have it, and he said yes. He also had the Wii Motion Plus for it, so now I can play Skyward Sword on it--when I actually get the game, that is.
    3DS - I bought a used purple one online when my old DS broke. Which was neat, since it already had Pokemon Dream Radar, Pokedex 3D Pro, an old Sonic game, and an Animal Crossing clock installed on it by the previous owner.

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