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Originally Posted by gtfotis View Post
Ahh, alright! It's been a while and I didn't see it on the waiting list so I figured you scrapped it xD

I'll be available all day Thursday, just let me know what time and time zone and I'll be there!

Also wondering which FC I should add! Thanks so much!
It's my White 2 FC. I adjusted my Signature so it should be easier to figure out which one you need now.

And I've just been busy is the reason I haven't updated the Breeding Queue. Thankfully I don't have a huge list piling up.
Originally Posted by Dyl-icious View Post
Would you wanna trade that Metagross for a Meloetta? Would be the Spring 2013.
That sounds fine to me. Though I really don't ask anything in return for these. But I won't say no if you want to give me something. :D
Originally Posted by Shiny Electivire View Post
Which FC should I use for EV's pokes? My B2 FC is in my sig

Could I pick up

#1 Bulbasaur ♂ (level 1)
OT: EV♥ ♀ (White, 1027/45780)
Jolly - Overgrow - 31/31/31/31/31/31
Tackle - Ingrain - Power Whip - ***

Along w/ the other two?
I have no problem adding that on, but as I said in my last post, I plan to get my trading done on Thursday, unless you're unavailable for Thursday, in which case you should PM me to set up a different time. EV's mons are done on my Breeding game.
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