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    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    Oh God, where do I start?
    Blood of Bahamut
    Ace Attorney Investigations 2
    Chaos World
    Jump Ultimate Stars
    Mother 3
    Bleach vs. Crusade
    Fire Emblem 12 (and all the others)
    Inazuma Eleven (series)
    Soma Bringer
    Tales of Innocence (R)
    Tales of Hearts
    Super Robot Taisen (Series)
    Megami Tensei
    Shin Megami Tensei

    ...To name a few. A lot of games need to come over.
    I especially feel this way about Mother 3, which is also my favourite video game overall. It's nice that Lucas (its main character) appears in SSB Brawl (even in the English version), and that Mother 3 got a fan translation. But I would still love to have that game on a GBA cartridge so that I can play it everywhere I go (rather than on an emulator on my laptop that takes five minutes to boot up and run at full speed). And unfortunately my Japanese isn't fluent enough to understand the original version.

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