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Originally Posted by fluttershylover3 View Post
OK. As many others I recieved the infamous message informing me that the internal battery has run dry in my copy of Emerald. So I went and bought a new battery, replaced the old one, and started up the game. I went back and checked to see if the clock was running and it was, plus I didn't get the message when I started the game.

Well it's been several days now and the time based events DO NOT work??! Lottery is stuck saying "Please come back tomorrow" and berries will not grow. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

I've been considering restarting the game just because I've done most everything, and I've been wondering if that might fix the problem. I'm a little frustrated.
Hmm, this sounds similar to the infamous Berry Glitch in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. However this glitch isn't present in Pokemon Emerald so that's kind of weird. You're completely sure that it's legit cart and not a bootleg?
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