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And there was none :D
So to fulfill my promise.
I've seen the episode and... I was a bit disappointed...
Flashbacks were really nice to see, battle between two "dragons" was pretty cool (kinda expected N to stop it...) and Iris thinking that Charizard is dragon was cute :D but the way Charizard came back was what disappointed me the most...
Maybe I was foolish to expect Charizard to fly to Isshu to save Satoshi or something like that but simply returning to Ookido's lab from the Valley and then be transfered just because Satoshi said that he wants to see his old buddy again...?
I don't know but that kinda ruined the point of Satoshi leaving Charizard in Valley...
Once this episode gets to non-Japanese speaking/understanding audience... there will surely be questions "Why didn't he call him earlier, why didn't he use it in league..."
Writers... you never fail to betray our expectations :D
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