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    Originally Posted by Discordant View Post
    I've been going on a bit of a nostalgia run. Unfortunately, my PS2 and a few of the games (including some PSX games) were stolen by someone. I'd give anything to play the original Spyro series, original Crash series and Spider-Man 2 again.

    Um... I don't really have anything unless you count mobile games. DragonVale maybe?
    For Spyro and Crash, both of those series are readily available in the Classics section of the PlayStation Store. If you have a PS3 (or a PSP/PS Vita for some of the Classics), you're in luck!

    DragonVale (among many other games available on smartphones) got boring really, really, really quickly. Like, I spent thirty minutes on it and it was deleted and hidden from my purchases. (I'm glad it was free!)

    While we're on mobiles, what about Pocket God? That's a game I always seem to come back to if I only have my iPod available, even if I do only play it for a few minutes at a time.

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