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    Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
    Okay thanks. Fixed it again. But what if I remove the random command, will I get only an ORAN BERRY if I win?

    EDIT: Fixed it! What about this one:
    I made it so that I would get 5 ORAN BERRIES if I win but when I win, it says "You got an ORAN BERRY!" Instead of "You got 5 ORAN BERRIES!". How do I fix that?
    You will need to do this manually. There is no automatic way, since the game can't conjugate nouns (BERRY->BERRIES) so you would have to type in the msg yourself. You see, the giveitem command actually has three parts: givetem 0x[item] 0x[amount] 0x[msgtype].

    I can't remember quite how to, but I know that msg types 00 and 01 will yeild "play obtained...." and "player found...." respectively, so play with the command until you can get the berries without the message. Then, on the next line, just add a msgbox command and add in the appropriate message yourself.

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