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@ PekoponTAS ~Congratz on your beautiful shiny pidgeot. Wish you many joyful rides on your bird

@drewbie411~ welcome to the club and good luck for your muccino.

@GoLurkisDaBomb~congratz on your sandshrew. I feel your pain on egg hatching for a shiny. Currently working on a vulpix and so far nothing. Have about 5 boxes full, going to be releasing them and filling up another batch.

@kitori ~ welcome to the club ^-^ some suggestions for your purple team, Miensho, sharpedo, moltres, dragonair, honchkrow, and marshtomp . You stream older games on youtube?

@Ceecee_101 Welcome to this club .


Shroomish: 450 eggs
Abra: 18,905 ( Not sure what the encounter rate on that route is. so probably 18,000 RE.)
Route 32: 3000
Torchic: 6540
Ho-oh: 12,700 only ( took me what seemed an enternity to get mine, but well worth it ^-^)

Today I got a suprise shiny after eve training on some drowzees on Rte. 34, will post pictures when i find my cord :D.
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