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So this morning during my daily tumblr run for Zayn pictures and gifs, I came across a bunch of new gif sets and pictures of the whole band from their Ghana trip. It was in scenes I hadn't seen from their previous videos and so naturally I went on a hunt to find the video they came from.

What I found was 30 minutes of tears and more drive to help than ever before. Apparently on the 11th, the boys released a 30 minute documentary about their trip to Ghana that's broken up into 5 parts (one for each of the boys). After watching the video I felt more compelled to help out than I ever have in my life. I've seen sad videos about turmoil and the needy before, but they never made me cry until now.

So now I'm asking you guys to help out where you can. Red Nose Day is in 2 days and any amount of money can help out. You can donate in a few ways, which are:
Buying the Documentary - iTunes
Buying the One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) Single - iTunes | Google Play
Donating directly to Comic Relief

So I guess the topic of discussion this time is something which I feel is a bit more discussion related (since the club is clearly not very active):

What are your thoughts on Comic Relief / Red Nose Day and the happenings in Ghana?

I for one never really thought too much about charity efforts in Africa. I definitely think One Direction is doing the world a huge favor by advocating this project as it's already changed my views on the whole idea of helping out. I guess I personally never felt like I could do anything by myself and that my money wouldn't really matter, but just 5 pounds literally saves another person's life. Not only that, but I'm actually prepared to join related clubs at my college in order to help out further. I maybe not be able to do much alone besides donate, but in a group I think I can impact more than what was apparent before.

That documentary hit me hard. :'[