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Youtube has some walkthroughs, there is a guide tool in the first post in this thread, and there are the wisdom stones scattered throughout the game that will tell you what to do next.

Ok I am having a HUGE problem! After I beat Vessel and Giratina at level 80, the game camera spazzes out! I tried restarting but that did not fix anything! I know for a fact that I used the right ROM as I patched the game with the UPS patch. How do I fix this!

Yup, tried redoing that fight five times. Then I just deleted my ROM, re-patched it again (in case I did something in the game that may have screwed the ROM up), and yet again after another two attempts, the screen refuses to work properly, yet I see MegaHawkNelson on Youtube play at this part of the game and his screen works perfectly, WTF? I've only seen maybe two other people from searching the thread that have this problem.

Please anybody who has played past that part, did you encounter this glitch and just continued on with the game like normal? Did you eventually fix the problem? I want to get past this part.

So yeah, did some more searching around today and it does seem as though some people in the Nuzlocke forum have encountered this glitch as well after version 15 came out, yet I hear from reading other parts of this thread from another user that it never happened to him nor the majority of Life of Guardians users. I'm honestly a little incredulous about that statement. First off, I used the UPS patch guaranteeing that I patched to the exact same ROM DJG used, eliminating there being any problems from using the wrong ROM. Second, I did not touch the ROM itself after I patched it and files on computers do not magically corrupt themselves. DJG said he fixed this issue but I'm left to wonder if that is really the case. I certainly would not be experiencing the bug if that were true and, like I said previously, I used the UPS patch, so I know for a fact it is not an issue with using the wrong ROM.

PS: Sorry if I sound angsty. I'm just pissed off that most people apparently do not have this problem, but I do. I seem to have absolute, pure, unadulterated, 150% genuine **** for luck when it comes to bad stuff like this happening in games I play. "Oh man! you only have a 0.5% chance to trigger this glitch! Don't worry about it!"

*Plays through game tens times in a row and experiences the glitch all ten times*

I'm also vaguely aware of a glitch that makes the final event un-playable and with my luck I'm pretty worried it is going to happen.
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