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I think a Pokedex would be great. It could be WiFi compatible that could also store select Pokemon for continuous use. Like say You want to keep track of your Pokemon's progress, you could find the Pokemon online, download it to your dex and go back whenever you need it. And if you ever run into a wild Pokemon or a trainer's Pokemon, you could go ahead and look it up whenever you have a wifi port.

The Pokedex would give you available stats, move pools, etc. As well as allowing for the Trainer to imput their Pokemon's own unique stats and find out how best to train it. It would be given the best strategies used by Pokemon experts in our world (by which I mean that geeks that spend their entire lives playing Pokemon and going to real tournaments). It could recommend the best training way for different paths. What kind of personality your pokemon should have, etc.

You could also get a rank of how strong your team is, and you would get instant e-mails whenever new Pokemon were being discovered (i.e. when games were being made) and whenever tournaments and events were coming up.

A more personalized, on-the-go Bulbapedia that does everything you'd expect from an Encyclopedia about Pokemon.