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    Sammy finished up her consultation with the nurse, feeling considerably more upbeat about the idea of training a Shuppet thanks to her advice. Thanking her for her help Sammy scanned around - she had been sure she'd seen Shawn at some point but... no, it must have been her imagination. There was absolutely no way he would have been allowed out and about already - certainly not for a trip to Oak Town! Taking her pokemon back she thanked the nurses one more time and left the Pokemon Centre, walking through Oak Town and back towards the Academy.

    She kept her pokemon inside their pokeballs; if any wild pokemon jumped out at her she could always release them. As much as she loved Corphish and Cubone (and now Shuppet, she supposed) it was good to have some time to herself occassionally. It gave her a chance to put the day into perspective and clear her head. Hopefully tomorrow would prove to be a less hectic day. Fewer headwounds at least. None would be ideal...

    Closing her dorm room door behind her she sat down on her bed to take her shoes off, and feel asleep before she even got so far as bending down to untie the laces. Or setting an alarm...
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