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    Andrew 'Andy' Rede

    Andy couldn't help but let an excited laugh escape him. She wanted to make him stronger huh? That didn't sound so bad. Maybe there was more to this jerky girl than first appeared.
    In any case, Andy realized that he'd have to act fast if he wanted to even try to land a hit on the opposing umbreon. Nodding in appreciation to Kiki as Mouser got hit by confuse ray, Andy's eyes snapped to Umber. Calling Catches' name, Andy pointed at Umber and yelled a command to him.
    "Go! Use Brick Break now!!"
    Catches poised himself, only to take off running at Umber and holding up his hand flat, readying to bring it down upon the Umbreon.

    - Beheaded Kamikaze; Serious Sam 3.
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