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    Evie Bellarost- Raikou Dorm Common Room
    Evie grinned as Wyatt remarked about her drawing skills and almost laughed. The two subjects for her, where one of the same. Being able to draw was being able to pay attention to detail, to watch and see how things roll into one another, much like it was raising a Pokémon back from the brink, even though it was a little more focused on medicine and biology.

    Receiving her sketchbook with a warm grin the silver haired girl continued to listen as her friend spoke and nodded, parting her lips to reply. The truth was that though the Ranch wasn’t that fair away from the city, Evie had never really left there, not since she arrived at the farm anyway, every time her aunt and uncle wanted to go, they would offer to give her lift but anything smaller than a bus gave Evie panic attacks, though she had long since forgotten why.

    “Well it wasn’t too far, but not really an easy distance either” She said with a shrug, ignoring the fact that she was too chicken to get in a car to go to the city.

    “But it was fun regardless. Always plenty to do and Leka always managed to find something to get his paws into.” She grinned at this, then cocking her head to one side she regarded her friend in a curious manner.

    “So what’s your back story then Wyatt? Got any brothers or sisters?” the query was innocent, curiosity lying at its base, though Evie didn’t really know how Wyatt would react to such a question.

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