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    Originally Posted by Alby4t5 View Post
    I've been fishing around for a while, and thought I would finally come here to ask this. I've been looking for someway to edit the order of the regional dex in Emerald for my hack... Is there someway to do this? Would anyone be willing to teach me how?
    Go download PGE (Pokémon Game Editor). It has the only Pokédex order editor that supports more games than just FR. I believe it supports Emerald.

    Originally Posted by TweenyTodd View Post
    Is there a list of XSE commands? Cuz i want to know the point of this special command:
    special 0x16D
    Google "JPAN's Study on the Special and Special2 Commands". For real XSE commands, and not their parameters, strike F1 while in XSE.

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