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    Ryuu Higoroshi
    Chapter 2: 3C's Homeroom teacher
    Classroom 13

    Ryuu patted Cheryl's head and smiled warmly at her when she said it was okay that he left for a few just now. Honestly? It wasn't okay and he knew that but he couldn't let a student just break walls in this school. He will find out who it was and punish that person. Since he knew it was a Vampire and one of his students there were only two options left.

    "Don't worry too much about tomorrow okay? I'm just sending you guys so Oz won't expect me anymore… it'll be a suprise attack." Ryuu also smiled at Kakasu. "I will jump in before any of you will get hurt." Ryuu finished. His attention was drawn to the opening door and saw Allister entering. Allister asked for some chalk and anything else that was better than the books in the library. Ryuu knew that the books in the library were pretty worthless and he never understood why the headmaster choosed those for in the library.

    "Ofcourse." Ryuu stood up and walked to his desk to pick up a small box with chalks. "Here you go," Ryuu laid it on the corner of his desk, free for Allister to pick it up. "And take these as well." he searched in the bookshelf in his classroom for useful books and laid that on his desk as well. "I admit, the books in the library are pretty worthless." he glanced at Allister as he spoke. "These are my own books, I expect you to bring them back to me when you're done." Ryuu looked at the book on the top, it looked very old and the name was almost unreadable… but somehow he could exactly remember it's content. This was the first book he had received as child from his grandfather.

    Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
    Chapter 2: I will protect you.

    Nami felt that Takumi got startled when she suddenly hugged him from behind but he eventualy calmed down when he found out it was just her. It wasn't really her meaning to startle him like that but it was expected. Nami finally catched her breath but her eyes were still watery, is he really going to leave…? As Takumi told her that Fairytale would kill him if he stayed she could hear he was crying by the tune in his voice. She holded him tighter but then he said something that raced her heartbeat intensely.

    "But… I don't think I can leave you."

    W-What…? Was he going to tell her he liked her? Was a love confession going to follow after this? Nami could feel her face getting red and felt like she was on fire. It was like she was in some movie right now. Somehow this sentence started to dance in her mind and a sensational feeling started to fill her heart and body. What was happening with her? Was this Vampire girl falling for this Human boy so easely?

    Takumi's next words dissapointed her a little. It was indeed a confession but not the confession she was hoping for. Nami somehow was also happy it wasn't a love confession, wouldn't that be too soon? Takumi admitted he wasn't good at socializing, esspecially not with girls. So Nami was the first girl he actually got close with? Excluding sisters or cousins? Nami didn't mind somehow, if that was the case then Nami was ready to be his first female friend.

    Takumi turned around and smiled at her, making her blush even more. He asked her if she could protect him since she was stronger than him… she was a Vampire afterall, her superhuman strength was one of her powers… the real Vampires were different from the ones from movies, Takumi probably had realized that today.

    Nami nodded as she wiped the tears on her cheeks away. She smiled at him before she glomped him. "Thank you…" she whispered as she felt her face getting red once again… she was sure about this. Nami Kyuuketsuki, a Vampire, had a crush on Takumi Makkusu, a Human.

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