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Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
Yeah this older Pope throws the theory of the interim status Benedict had out the window. Not sure if I'm liking this yet. I wonder what the decision behind this is, and if perhaps its a sign that age truly doesn't matter anymore for the cardinals. Not a Catholic, but I do believe the Pope still has some significance in this world. I do believe he can do something if willing.
A problem with John Paul II and his long reign (the second longest in the Church's history) is that almost all of the Cardinals present in the last two conclaves (this one included) were appointed by him (and to a lesser extent Benedict). Which means they reflect his theology.

That's good and bad.

One the one hand, he was pretty popular and it leads to some stability in the church. On the other hand, it'll take forever to bring in any kind of change. So, I think the aim is older pope who will either croak or retire fairly quickly. Shorter turn around leads to more diversified Cardinals and future conclaves.
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