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Originally Posted by nomi1993a View Post
how can i get written walkthrough of this game plz help
There's a guide tool available for download on the first few paragraphs on the first post.

Originally Posted by Damned View Post
Ok I am having a HUGE problem! After I beat Vessel and Giratina at level 80, the game camera spazzes out! I tried restarting but that did not fix anything! I know for a fact that I used the right ROM as I patched the game with the UPS patch. How do I fix this!

I'm also vaguely aware of a glitch that makes the final event un-playable and with my luck I'm pretty worried it is going to happen.
This is quite an annoying bug. I've fixed this too many times now and added fail-safe codes in that script too many times, and it still glitches. Ugh...

Anyway, no, I don't think it'll stop you from playing any further. It's just the camera that glitches, and not the game nor the event itself.

In all honesty, it only happened to me once, and I added fail-safe codes to the script.

It'll be of great help if you'll tell me in what part of the event will the camera go whack.
I'm having the sudden urge to make some updates, and I'll do them when I can spare some time.

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