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    Sorry guys for no update ( I was busy playing minecraft, also my exams are finished now now).
    So, im going to tell all of my viewers the back story of The leader of team asteroids: Astrus ( the name sounds weird)

    Long ago in his childhood, he was a gentle patient kid, he really liked his parents. He also wanted to be an astrobiologist, but that day ruined it all ( this part is getting interesting).

    One day He was coming back from his regular eye checkup ( he had damaged his left eye when he was a baby) with his parents, a strange group of men kidnapped them and took them somewhere far. Astrus followed them all the way through a mountain. Inside the men were activating a strange machine made of precious metal, the sign stated human manipulation machine! Astrus ran to seve his parents from manipulating but unfortunately he was captured as bait for his parents, so they listen they're orders.
    Astrus' s parents agreed to go inside the machine.
    A strange scientist powered the machine. It was a horrifying moment with Astrus willingbto free his parents while crying becaise of listening they're screams.
    After minutes the manipulation process stopped and ir suddenly started to overpower human cells resulting in an... explosion inside the machine... Astrus was covered with blood of his parents. He decided to take revenge with the creator of the manipulation machine, but he wasn't able to. Soon after he thought of using lunar and solar energy to power jimself so he could take revengenon those who are affiliated with the human manipulation program. And then rule the world!

    Sub question: how do you think the group got money to buy the manipulation machine?

    Sorry for the typos guys iwas using my mobile.