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    Dear Anonymous,
    I feel like I depend on you more than you depend on me, but I always am there for you . You put people ahead of me, but I foolishly put you before everyone else. I want to feel like I am important to you because you are so important to me. I know you care because you tell me all the time and you appreciate me, so thanks for that. I wish you could just put more effort into us, you've seemed so busy lately and I hate it. I just want you to make time for me, even though I know you have little time to spare, but I cherish every second we share. I love our late night conversations, when it's just you and me your the realest, most genuine person I know. When your with your many friends I feel like a small part of your life. You have so many people that really care about you. I really only have you. So please just understand that I need you in my life. Also, I love all the little things you do. If you could attempt to brighten my day like I brighten yours, you would make me the happiest man on the planet. And I know this is all focusing on the negatives, but your a great person, and an amazing friend..... I appreciate you and all you do for me. I am blessed to have someone like you in my life...

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