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    Zephyr - Hive

    Eliza - Trapinch - lv 21
    Baron - Gyarados - lv 20
    Andrew - Sandshrew - lv 20
    Ira - Nidorino - lv 16

    It's been like a week. Well, actually, looking at my last post... only like two days. But it felt like forever. But now I've finally done some things worth making an update for!
    Good lord but training Baron was a struggle. I sat around in the Slowpoke Well for ages trying to get him anywhere near a decent level. Well, him and Andrew, but Andrew could one-shot most wilds by that point. Training was tedious and horrible and challenging in an awful way. I don't understand how I've managed to train Magikarp this early on so many times in the past. Anyway.
    I took on Bugsy's gym and won against his minions pretty easily. But then his Scyther... eugh. I tried to battle him & restarted like four times [because I despise losing properly]. But finally I managed to poison that stupid Scyther and have Andrew take him out. Baron managed to do well enough in the gym, despite being a frickin' level 17 Magikarp. He finished off Kakuna and Metapod, so well done him.
    Then... the rival. Who I have named Felix. It was fairly dumb of me to choose Flare [Cyndaquil] as my starter when I'm doing what is very nearly a ground monotype. That Croconaw was evil. I eventually finished him after much training and a crap ton of luck and my one last Super Potion that I got from Mom. Thank you, Mom.
    So, through Ilex I finally went. Snuck up around trainers to Rt 35 to get Ira, who proceeded to make the game fun for me again by being an amazing battler. He evolved pretty quickly. And then something amazing happened. BARON. FINALLY. HIT. LEVEL. 20. He's gorgeous and amazing and competent now. With a higher attack stat than even Eliza. I'm so happy you don't even know. This game is going to be fun again. Thank god.

    tl;dr: Azalea Town was a *****.

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