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I'd love the idea of receiving a Beta Pokemon from Satoshi Tajiri! I think that's a pretty interesting idea and I do wonder what this beta Pokemon would be like. xD Though truth be told, for something like that to be given out, yeah, he would have to be like, one of, if not the strongest trainer in the game, with all level 100 Pokemon and whatnot, yeah?

That said though, I wonder if it's possible, if Gamefreak does have in mind that "one" Pokemon that's stronger than the rest, and if they're willing to give it out if you beat all of the staff members or something of that nature. It might not happen this generation, but it's a nice thought, nonetheless. :x

Then again, I'd just be satisfied with a rare or a shiny Pokemon given to me, doesn't really matter.

...Or just an item that would make finding shiny Pokemon easier, I suppose.

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