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Fooooo I should have posted this forever ago! D:

Anyway, love the news article! Very awesome that they share makeup artists. If Nicotero's work on TWD is any indicator of the makeups he'll do on Oz, than at the very least it'll be a great looking show. xD

Now, episode, damn. Super excited to see that Rick is finally using his position to manipulate the group too. I mean, I know it sounds bad... but sometimes you need to make critical decisions lies like that in order to keep your people safe, right? Rick had done something like this before when they went to the CDC, didn't he? And what's-his-face-crazy-science-guy told Rick that he and the others had already contracted the virus and would turn regardless of how they died and Rick withheld that information. Something like that lol. I definitely want to see how Rick and the group develop from all that. Not to mention Michonne. ;p

Anyway, I think it's pretty clear that this fight between the Governor and the prison is going to hit it's climax soon. And personally, I think Rick and the group did really well when they ambushed Woodbury first, so if they're planing on being strategic whatsoever, Rick better draw first blood. >:) However, the Governor at this moment has more resources and more leverage over the prison group.. so it's really become a battle between brains and brawn, in my opinion.
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