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Wyatt “Wyvern” Leon Bellerose - Raikou Dorm Common Room


Wyatt sighed in thought of how he should answer Evie. The truth was he didn’t know if he had any brothers or sisters. He had hardly known his parents as well the average child should have. It wasn’t because he was adopted. His parents treated him like a peon and a servant more than a child. The only human beings he had ever felt any attachment to had become a jumble of nameless faces and faceless names. Goldenrod seemed to be on the other side of the world and hopefully Wyatt would never have to return there. As for if he had any siblings, Wyatt was too disgusted with his parents upbringing with himself. If he had any siblings, he couldn't imagine them being raised in a crime free environment. Wyatt rubbed his left eye and widened his right one revealing a light blue pupil that flickered from the corner of Wyatt's eyes, back to Evie.

"I don't know..." he said nonchalantly,"I don't think I do..." his voice trailed off. He never really thought much about his family outside his parents. He didn't even know if the man and woman he called mom and dad were his real parents. Wyatt had no desire to claim such people as his relatives and once he thought about it, he had never heard of anyone else in his 'family.' Wyatt felt strong desire to change the subject. It brought up unpleasant memories and he preferred not to reminisce over such thoughts in the distant future.

"What city did you live closest to?" Wyatt said quickly before yawning and stretching his arms out towards the ceiling in a quirky manner.

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