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Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
Well right now, I know the basics. Learning a few advanced.

Also one more thing, a little off-topic.
Do you know how I can implement the physical/special split of attack in Ruby? Also the new attacks? Is it through ASM? Sorry just wondering and hoping you know it.
I think someone already ported that to ruby? Either way, it requires the same stuff as porting this. You need to be able to do several things:
  1. Understand what needs to be done and be able to structure code.
  2. Be able to locate/understand functions or write functions that do what you need to do.
  3. Be able to locate somewhere to put your code so it runs.

Either way, it's not easy. It's taken me years to be able to do this stuff. You need to go to the Tutorials section and do some ASM tutorials. Before you can find and use code effectively, you need to be able to write it in the most simple forms.

Follow some tutorials and then PM me. But don't post in here about off-topic stuff because it makes everything look messy.
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