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I've played through Days, BBS (Proud for the North American release, Critical for FM) and Re:CoM each in the highest difficulty available. I mean I'm proud of that (I'd try to Platinum KH 1.5 if I had it and the time, haha), but that barely scratches the surface. I'm trying to get myself to replay one of the numbered titles on their respective difficult modes, though! God, Mysterious Figure was already so damn hard to beat with Terra on Proud, taking many tries, so I think that in itself excuses me.

Nah, I wasn't serious. There are way more difficult secret bosses. Guys who beat those probably don't even care about me beating Mr. Time Shenanigans. XD;

Anyway, I actually only played Re:Coded on Standard and haven't replayed it yet. I thought I was gonna replay that game sometime in the future after I just beat it, but apparently it didn't have as much replay value to me as I thought it would. I mean I liked it a lot before (particularly the gameplay), but now... eh.

Re:Coded on the toughest difficulty is one hell of an accomplishment, Drakow. I dunno how you pushed through the little plot and motivation the overall story gives you to finish that game in Critical, but you did. I mean I never even tried fighting the bugged Data-Roxas secret boss thingo or experienced how tougher those big Defender guys with the shields were on with the difficulty cranked up to that level. Kudos, dude. Haha.

Speaking of Coded, though, rumors on KH 2.5 HD say that it'll contain II, Birth by Sleep and Coded. Probably the Final Mix versions for the first two... and a theater mode for Coded, I guess. Doesn't sound very appealing for the latter part, but finally getting to play II's Final Mix would be a blast! I just hope that Kingdom Hearts III doesn't dive into even deeper development hell with these rumors.