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Thanks guys for entering - means a lot :)

Also, would you guys like a weekly caption a Unova-related scene here contest each week/month? Would you guys enter? Or get your friends to enter?

^ Share yo thoughts!

Anyway, results only for DRAW THIS and CAPTION CONTEST because imma get my mod partners to pick favourites for Black 3 and White 3 because it's important so why not get all of us to look? :3

Joint winners of caption contest (three entries!)

today but a SON in the r a i n
BUT TOMORROW A reign IN THE SUN - Red's Hawt Chili Pelippers
"Witnessing N release his friends into the wild made Ghetsis realize the error in his ways, and in an attempt to atone for his terror, accompanied his son across Unova returning stolen Pokemon. A rainy day on Route 2 he'll never forget." - Keiran777
"from his infancy...
to become the HERO of legend
... such purity of purpose is his." - Red's Hawt Chili Pelippers
I love the deeper ones and your deep captions really won me over - although there was a LOT of creativity. :3 You all did well!

Winner of draw this:

- GolurkIsDaBomb

It was... deep. I loved the opposites there and it just fit. While the other entry was really good too, this one touched me because it portrayed the opposites theme imo.

Keeping this open so you guys can reply to the top question and say congrats to winners etc. Also there will be emblems coming once Black 3 and White 3 winner is decided/agreed on by mod partners.