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    Keep in mind that I'm no hacker so I would never really get this done unless someone loved this idea enough to take it on, but I just love pokemon and I love music. One day while I was daydreaming I came up with this sort of crazy idea for a hack. I also apologize if someone has said something like this before, but I didn't want to scour the thread for similar ideas, so if it is redundant I won't be offended if this post gets deleted. Anyway...

    So, I imagined this being a hack of Fire Red. I was thinking of calling it something like "Pokemon - Legends of Rock" or something..

    The main idea is this: instead of being pokemon trainers they are pokemon musicians. I have always loved the musician/rocker trainers and they are always under-utilized. Anyway, instead of training and beating gyms you would be "battling bands". Essentially your pokemon team and yourself would be your "band" and you battle other musicians and their pokemon to become the ultimate rock legend. I haven't quite decided what I've wanted to do for gym leaders, but my best idea was the gym leaders would be recognizable rock-bands or musicians. I haven't decided how the difficulty would progress, but I was thinking of matching the names of the band to their pokemon types. So, for example, the Rolling Stones would be the rock-type gym leaders (or maybe just like Mick Jagger or Keith Richards since you can really only use one sprite) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers would be the fire-type gym leaders.

    What about the antagonists? Well I had an idea for that too! Team Rocket would be changed to "Music Executives" (or something more clever) who are trying to control the world's music and rob the world of musical art. That was really as much as I developed that idea, but I thought it fit well.

    Ultimately the player would make their way to the Elite Four. I haven't decided if I wanted to call this the "ultimate battle of the bands" or "woodstock", where the player defeats the four biggest bands in the region (and the champion, who would be someone like Jimi Hendrix or something, haven't hammered that out really either) and ultimately becomes the world's greatest rock star!

    I thought that this was pretty original, story-wise. However, I do understand the subjectivity of the popularity of some bands, but I thought it was a fun idea..