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    ∣ "Solo"
    Dorm Room

    Chapter Three: Part Four
    The Bond

    Effect: None

    "Who said you can't stay here?" He asked, disbelieving that it would really matter. "There's a guy out there with a broken nose; I'm sure the news will spread. If anyone mocks you or harasses you, they know I'll find out. And then I make sure they never do it again." Distracted from a painful conversation, Solo seemed to return to the calm, quiet self he had been since he had been saved once more. "I guess that means you're part of my 'pack' now. Us against the world," he added somewhat plainly. "I wouldn't mind if you just moved in here. It'd be easier to keep you safe."

    And just then, the door opened, and one of the boys from earlier walked in; as it turned out, "Fruit-loop" was indeed his roommate. "Ugh, not you again," he groaned in complaint. "Call me Solo, if you must." He was certainly not on good terms with this kid; the fact that he also turned out to be his roommate was sort of like a living nightmare. "Just don't bother me and I won't have reason to retaliate." He adjusted himself on the bed, moving to the center-side of the bunk closer to the wall.

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