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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Oh, yes, triple battle. I can totally see that happening in these games (a triple battle gym, that is!), given that we were kinda hinted towards triples mattering in gen 5 with the triple types as mentioned and triple battles in general.
I agree with ya there. I was actually really disappointed with Striaton City when you get to the Gym, see three leaders, and you only battle one. I just wanted it to happen, especially since it was introduced that generation.

Also I'd just love to see a leader with AI that's smarter than normal. Spamming not very effective moves against a Pokémon that hasn't switched in three turns definitely makes sense. I know they did this in HGSS when it came to the Elite Four rematches, so it's definitely possible. I mean, if they're a Gym Leader they can't be THAT dumb.
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