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C.J Styles - Volcano Cave


The close range blast caused Ace to be thrown back as well, landing once again on the ground and struggling to get up. He doesn’t have much left, C.J. thought, I need to end this soon.Get ready for another Façade.” he commanded telepathically. The Druddigon, meanwhile, landed against a large stalactite cracking it to the top. Druddigon rose to its feet again and went in for another attack but Ace had been ready and was preparing a second Façade. Electricity sparkles around Ace's body and he becomes surrounded in an orange aura that makes its body shine once again. He then tackles into the Druddigon's chest as hard as he could.

Druddigon fell to the ground, he tried to get up but collapsed. C.J. took this moment to throw a PokeBall but as he waited for the outcome the stalactite Druddigon hit earlier split from the cave causing it and some other areas of the cave to collapse and head towards some Druddigon that were still stuck in the gravity field. Crap, C.J. thought to himself. He may battle dirty when he has a goal in mind but he didn’t want to see Pokemon come to harm. “Golett realease them from your hold. Custos, Ax use Aerial Ace to protect those other Druddigon.” Ax and Custos both become surrounded by white streaks and it fly at the falling rocks, shattering them into smaller pieces that would sting but not harm anything.

When everything was clear and nothing else was falling C.J. looked to wear the Druddigon he was battling had been. No sign of it, he must have made a successful capture, he ran to get the Pokeball he had thrown. C.J. tossed it and out came Druddigon, “I got him!” C.J. exclaimed excited for his new capture, his team was coming together as he planned it to be. “Druddigon, I’m sorry for the way we attacked you, I got ahead of myself. I’ve always wanted a strong Druddigon like yourself. I’ll give you sometime to say goodbye if you like, and if any of the others are hurt I’ll use my potions to help out.” he said calmly, starting to feel bad about the way he rushed in.

The Druddigon nodded to him then wandered over to the others to explain what was going on. While he did, C.J. went back to where Issac was, recalling Custos, Chomp, and Golett. Leaving Ace and Ax out. He took out a potion and used it on Ace, knowing Ace wouldn’t want to go into a PokeBall and they had a long walk back to the Dorms. C.J. looked to Issac, “When Druddigon is ready, we’ll head back. Should probably get some sleep for classes tomorrow.” he said with a laugh.

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