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Alright, just defeated Red on Crystal for my Gray challenge. He was pretty tough, I had to stall some of his Pokémon out of some moves before I could do anything against them. It was a team effort, but no one really stood out that much. I wish I would have used Steelix, but I can only blame myself for not making sure that I could evolve it before actually starting the game. Onix wasn't bad, but I feel like that extra power and new type really could have helped sometimes. Oh well, I tried to make the best of the situation, and it didn't turn out all that bad.



Ophal the Donphan, Lv 60 (♂)
Item: Leftovers
Strength, Toxic, Rollout, Earthquake

Barium the Onix, Lv 60 (♀)
Item: Quick Claw
Rock Throw, Iron Tail, Sandstorm, Earthquake

Topaz the Qwilfish, Lv 60 (♀)
Item: NeverMeltIce
Surf, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Sludge Bomb
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