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    Name: SGM (Sergeant Major) Lee Crowell

    Gender: Male

    Age: 28

    Appearance: Lee is 6' 4" and a medium build. Medium dark skin tone due to being out in the field for so long. His hair is dark brown, with his eyes a medium Hazel tone. Skin short on the sides and fades up to longer on top and spiked up in the front. He wears a Ballistic-like vest instead of a shirt that has the looks of holding his Pokeballs and other various equipment. Black cargo pants with tan combat boots. You will rarely ever see him with facial hair, always being clean-cut. His dog tags hang from his neck since the day he was given them.

    Personality: He likes to take charge and can analyze every situation to the point. Lee lost most of his sense of humor which explains his more seriousness when he talks. Although when he talks about his Pokemon, or even to them, he has a more sincere sound in his voice. Always on high alert, which can result in being jumpy at times; one might suspect from being in combat as much as him. His compassion towards his Pokemon is high, though yours would be too if you lost a few. Lee rarely fails at what he is determined to do, but when he does he takes it to heart and shuts down.

    Team on arrival:
    Ability: Leaf Guard (Prevents Status conditions in sunlight)
    Moves: Aromatherapy, Solarbeam, Return, Earthquake.

    Ability: Magic Guard (Prevents indirect damage)
    Moves: Barrier, Psychic, Recover, Shock Wave.

    Ability: Adaptability (STAB increases damage to 2x)
    Moves: Crabhammer, Brick Break, Giga Impact, Night Slash

    Ability: Shadow Tag (Opponent can't switch)
    Moves: Mirror Coat, Counter, Safeguard, Encore

    Ability: Flame Body (Burns on contact)
    Moves: Protect, Lava Plume, Smog, Thunderbolt

    Ability: Reckless (Increases Recoil Moves)
    Moves: Brave Bird, Sky Attack, Double Team, Roost

    Lee Crowell grew up in Slateport City inside the Hoenn Region. All his life, he was never able to do what he wanted. Lee was being raised the way his parents had visioned him, not even caring for his wants. His parents never let him make friends or even play sports he liked. Every morning he would look out his window and see all the other kids playing with Pokemon their parents have gotten them when they turned 10. Jealous of all the other kids, his parents soon caught on to his disappointment. Realizing they have been possibly corrupting their own child. They decided to call up an old friend of theirs, Professor Elm, who lived in the Johto region. After a short hour of talking, they brought up to Lee that they were taking a vacation. They traveled to the neighboring region and met up with the Professor. His parents let him run off in the field behind the lab everyday they were there to see which Pokemon he responded well with. Noticing his interest was shifted towards a female Chikorita ever since day one, he even gave it a nickname, Vina (Vee-na). Unfortunately, the time for them to leave was finally here. Lee said his final goodbye to Vina and traveled back home.

    When he turned 11, his parents had a surprise for him. He went back to his room to see what it was, and there was Vina, sitting on his bed waiting for him. Out of excitement he jumped up and down letting out a hysterical cry. He was the happiest kid on that day. Lee would spend the next few years bonding, and training Vina. And throughout the time she finally evolved into a beautiful Meganium. By this time he was 18 years old. He wanted to test his strength against the gym leaders of Hoenn and possibly be the next Champion. Throughout the year, he easily collected the 8 gym badges and was on his way to the league when an unsuspected turn of events happened. When he arrived to his house to visit his parents before he was off, there was news that was being spread. A Draft. The Hoenn Military was ordering a draft for every male over the age of 18. Apparently this was the start of Team Aqua, things were getting out of control and needed to be stopped. Waiting anxiously, hoping his name would not be called; there was a knock on his door. Behind it were military personnel. Just as he seen them he heard his name over the television, it was time to go. Disappointed, he walked to his room and began packing his bags. All that went through his head, “I was so close, my dream, everything, is now crashing down. The badges were so easy to collect! And now it’s over…” Some feeling came back to him when he was able to bring Vina along. He was then transferred to a remote island way south of Ever Grande City. Here he did his training. He quickly turned his anger into motivation. If he can’t be champion when he wanted to, he was going to make a name for himself somehow.

    He gathered his team throughout his training. Strategy played a big role in this. Each Pokemon he chose played a significant role. When it was time, and due to his lower rank, he was placed on the front lines when finally up against Team Aqua and Magma. This war lasted quite some time, Lee took his strategies with his fellow members and Pokemon to the core bases of the teams. A battle broke out at the entrances but that wouldn’t stop him. Taking a quick perimeter check, noticed they had no protection from projectiles. Making them think he was gone, his Magmortar launched an artillery attack on the bases, completely flattening them out, which in turn allowed the other forces to act on the former leaders. After the war, Lee was promoted, and from there continued to climb the ranks. He became a well known name with his tactics and Pokemon together, they deployed him to the other regions to assist in operations. Achieving medals, awards, and recommendations everywhere for his actions. He had made a name for himself everywhere, and he was finally satisfied. Drawing up was close to the end of his term, he received an invitation about the “Ultimate Challenge,” A tournament that placed the best trainers against each other. He wondered why he got this letter and knew he had to make a choice; continue to bring good and balance to Hoenn, or retire and live his childhood dream. I was a tough choice, but he ultimately knew it was time to pass the torch. He retired and went back to his own place he bought in Slateport by his parent’s house, spent some time with them, packed his bags once again, and left on the next ship for the tournament with his team.

    Brief summary of preparation day: Arriving to the island and hearing the announcement, he knew his retirement wasn't over. Officially it was, but deep down, everything he had learned, everything he had trained for was ultimately leading up to this. Retirement or not, he was facing this man.
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